Video Games roughly date back to the 1950s during the time of computer science expansion. It was only after arcade games, game consoles and computer games became popular with the general public in the 1980s that the video games craze also picked up.

Until recently, video games have remained one of the most popular types of games played by many though evolution has seen them transported to PSP, PS3, Xbox and now PS4.

Among video games that caused a stir upon release are Hitman, Tomb Raider or Dungeons and Dragons among others. So popular were these video games that they were again immortalized by being made into slot machines. The advent of slot machines themed after famous game characters was most probably done so as to enable adults to continue enjoying their favorite games while making money while being at it.

Slot Machines


Though slot machines do not possess all the perks one would find on a game in terms of graphics, sound effects and interactive gameplay they are nonetheless advanced enough to promise players an exciting gaming experience. Special attention has been paid to details so that most features of the game remain genuine down to the smallest detail.

In the slot game Hitman for instance you will find the famous Agent-47 with his weapons; the Silverballer, Fibre Wire, Sedative Syringe and the W2, 000 Sniper. The features that have been put together are all in relation to the video game as well where there are Contract bonus, Insignia Bonus, 18 bonus rounds and expanding wilds.

Tomb Raider Slots


The Tomb Raider Slots has been taken from the Video Game of the same name and features the famous Lara Croft. There are 2 Tomb Raider Slots; Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword.

The first Tomb Raider Slots includes features such as wild, bonus, free spins and scatter pays. Players can be sure of having the real feel of the video game itself while playing on this slot machine since the Triangle of Light, the ferocious Bengal tiger and the Idol have also been introduced on the slot game.

Tomb Raider II Slots is the innovative sequel of the first one launched with many more features included. The features that have been put onto this game are free games with Rolling Reels, Super mode, Global Adventure Bonus and Shootout Bonus.

Dungeons and Dragons Slots is themed around the widely popular fantasy themed game and also incorporates main features of the video game such as the crystal caverns, trolls, ogres, skeletons and heroes Tordek, Bodock as well as the Elf Princess.

Through these online slot machines, fans evolve along with their favorite characters and playing for money is certainly an added incentive.