Looking for the best girl games websites? With so many websites to select from, its hard to decide which one to choose. I have played on dozens of game websites – some were fun, some were boring, and some were drab because they were obviously for boys. I have picked my top three girl games websites – Girls Go Games, Dress up Games and Girls Games Now – we’ll review them here to help you decide which one to play.

Girl Games Now

Girl Games Now is great, because it has tons of girl games! It has everything from design and fashion to cooking and serving! It even has management games where you can own a hotel or a diner – you choose what you want to do!


Dress Up Games

Dress Up Games is a cool site for people like me! If you like dress up games like I do, then this is the site for you! With so many games, and new games added every day, this is a great way to test your dress up skills!


Girls Go Games

Girls Go Games is my favorite game website. It has all the same great features the other girl games websites have and more! It has games, but it also has a social network! When you join you can make comments and an avatar! You can create stuff, save them and show them off to your friends! It’s a great way to take a break from school!


These games are each unique in there own way! Girls Games Now is great because it has tons of games! Dress up Games is cool because it is a great way to test your dress up skills! And last but definitely not least – Girls Go Games is my favorite because you can join, comment & share! So what girl games website will you choose?!