The Xbox remains one of the world’s most popular consoles and a quick look through the greatest games the platform has seen makes it easy to see why.

Some of the best-selling games of all time have been on the Xbox and the console has countless classics to its name.

Here are the top games of all time, according to critic reviews.

Batman: Arkham City


This expertly crafted game became an instant classic when it was released. Maintaining a rapid pace throughout, the game is an intoxicating mix of action and puzzles. The gamer can grapple and glide across the city’s buildings just like the real Batman and, satisfyingly, the more your practice, the better you’ll get at using your many gadgets, tools and skills. The gadgets have all been tweaked and improved and Batman is more powerful than ever.

LA Noire


One of the most innovative games ever, LA Noire is part film noir, part game. Boasting a cast of renowned actors, including several from Mad Men, the game immerses the player deep into the world of 1940s LA. The player must solve crimes by looking for clues, interrogating witnesses and suspects and exploring crime scenes. The game is huge and there is a great deal of freedom for the player to explore the city environs. When interviewing suspects or witnesses, little verbal or facial tics give away when the characters are lying, meaning this is a game to be played with absolute attention to detail.

Red Dead Redemption


An epic Western game, Red Dead Redemption is one of Rockstar’s finest releases. Sharing a lot of similarities with its stable mate, GTA, Red Dead Redemption is beautifully animated. The game is huge with plenty of freedom to explore and wander off in search of other amusements. There are countless side games and extra missions, meaning the game is excellent value for money. The missions are high quality and the action sequences are enjoyable, making this a must-own for many Xbox fans. If you’re looking to sell off your pre-owned games and consoles, the reputation and selling power of games like Red Dead Redemption make it easy to get decent money for your Xbox

Grand Theft Auto IV


GTA IV centres around the travails of Nico who is seeking his fortune in Liberty City, a fictional version of New York. He quickly finds all is not as it seems and through the vast open-world gameplay, he immerses himself in the criminal underworld. The best and most advanced of all the GTA series, GTA IV boasts a breadth of missions, side games and random activities that will leave you breathless.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a force to be reckoned with. This first-person shooter combines great graphics with fantastic sound to create an incredibly realistic combat environment. Not only do you get the single player missions, but you can also enjoy the breathtakingly smooth online gameplay in various settings against fellow gamers all over the world.

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