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The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer [VIDEO]

Zenimax has released this early teaser trailer for the recently announced Elder Scrolls MMORPG – The Elder Scrolls Online.

Nintendo Wii U

Innovation or Self Obsoletion? Is Nintendo Too Early to the 8th Gen Console Battle?

Nintendo recently unveiled the Wii U it’s latest console offering. The first to announce an 8th generation console, Nintendo hopes their first-to-market strategy will gain them an advantage in the console wars.

Mass Efffect 3 Preview

Mass Effect 3 Preview

We have come this far. Fighting aliens and robots along the way, we have finally reached the conclusion of the sci-fi epic that is the Mass Effect series. Check out what Commander Shepard is up to now.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Top 10 Most Anticipated Post-Summer Games

2011 has been one of the greatest years the video gaming industry has seen in a long while with dozens of incredible games already unleashed. BUT this year still has some major releases up it’s sleeve – Check It Out!


Disabled Competitive Gamer Mike Begum “Broly” Undeterred by Challenges

Today we shine the Gamer Spotlight on Mike Begum (AKA “Broly” or “Legs”) of Texas. A uniquely gifted, competitive gamer with a singular style seldom seen at higher levels of competitive gaming. He plays with… his face.


Retro Death | Classic Video Game Death & Game Over Scenes

One of the most frustrating aspects of any game, classic & modern alike are the death animations and worse still are the game over screens.


NFS Shift 2 Unleashed Trailer Shows Off Realism

The newest Need For Speed focuses heavily on realism – In fact the game is so detailed it’s sometimes hard to tell when the trailer switches between live action video stock and real in-game visuals.

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