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10 Great Video Games for Adults and Older Demographics

Those of us who have reached advanced adulthood probably remember when video games first started appearing in family living rooms.  Whether it was the analog black and white Pong with the dials, the seemingly advanced Atari game system, or the later Nintendo, many of our childhoods were spent in front of cathode ray tube televisions […]

Project Spark for Xbox One

Microsoft Press Conference Game Spotlight | E3 2013

Weeks ago Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, but audiences were left wondering ‘what about the games?’ Now we’ve had a peak at a wide range of games coming to their new console.

MMO Games

The Best Games You Can’t Miss in 2013

There are many other products that will not disappoint them as well. Just check the complete list of the 2013 most anticipated games to choose what to play next!

Gaming systems

Most wanted games of 2013

Here is a selection of titles causing a ripple of excitement in the gaming community and encouraging those with older games to round them up and prepare to sell them on so that they can pick up the new releases.


NRA – Gun’s Don’t Kill People, Movies & Video Games Do. Say what now?

NRA held it’s first press conference since going dark since tragic Sandy Hook shooting. The summary – guns don’t kill people, movies and video games do. Say what now?


May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars Day 2012

Cinco de Mayo’s got nothing on Yoda. On May 5th he’ll be busy cleaning up after the previous day’s ultimate Star Wars party. May 4th has been unofficially adopted as Star Wars Day by many of the franchise’s fans.


Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Check out these hot picks from EpicaGames as our top ten most anticipated games of 2012. In short 2012 appears to be another great year for sequels, prequels and more franchise titles with numbers in them.

Gamer Christmas 2012

Gamer Christmas | 2011 Video Game Gift Guide

Got a gamer on your Christmas shopping list? Not sure what to buy? Epica Games has you covered! Jordan has some holiday game buying recommendations that are sure to be a hit!

Nintendo Wii U

Innovation or Self Obsoletion? Is Nintendo Too Early to the 8th Gen Console Battle?

Nintendo recently unveiled the Wii U it’s latest console offering. The first to announce an 8th generation console, Nintendo hopes their first-to-market strategy will gain them an advantage in the console wars.

Angrybirds Skips Facebook, Chooses Google+ First

Angrybirds Skips Facebook, Goes to Google+

Despite earlier plans to bring the mobile gaming phenomenon Angrybirds to the Facebook platform, the games developer ROVIO has opted to skip Facebook for now, launching on Google+ instead.

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