StarCraft 2 Starter Edition Free to Play

In an effort to boost new player subscriptions Blizzard has migrated the free to play strategy they recently deployed for World of Warcraft over to their StarCraft franchise.

Instead of a playable StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Demo, new players can play through the actual game. Since StarCraft doesn’t have the leveling system that WoW does, the cap couldn’t be based on level.

Instead new players can play through the games first 3 missions, and select either Tychus or Hansen’s first opt-in mission. There are also a couple of Challenges and a few multiplayer maps available in the free to play model.

StarCraft 2 Starter EditionAnyone with a account can grab the StarCraft II Starter Edition today and be playing StarCraft II with-out any investment. Word is that any achievements and progress made during this play will be transferred to you actual account if you choose to purchase and play the full game.

From what we gathered the free to play shift that WoW recently employed has been quite successful – helping to stem the tide of subscription loss they were experiencing over the last quarter. Given other shifts in Blizzards revenue model lately – this switch to free to play is really not a surprise.

StarCraft 2 Free to Play

Will we ever see a real currency marketplace for starCraft II that offers extra mercs of tech upgrades for real cash? Unlikely, but don’t take your eyes off Blizzard, here is surely more to come.