Farm Town VS Farm Ville - Social Farming Game Showdown

The rapid expansion of social networking platforms like Facebook have birthed a new genre of wildly diverse, social games like Mafia Wars & Words With Friends. Two of the most popular are farming games Farmville by Zynga and Farm Town by Slashkey

Guest author SallyInTheValle tells us why her longtime favorite, and the original social farming game – Farm Town, wins out against Zynga’s shinier social farming game clone Farm Ville.

About Farm Town

This is basically a solitaire type of game; creating farms, growing and harvesting crops and earning both Farm town dollars and Farm town points to advance levels.  You can start simple, stop when you want, learn as you go.  The most advanced players at the moment are at level 335, and have 13 active farms.

You can purchase all the tools you need to harvest, plow, sow seeds (including sophisticated combines that do it all at once), pick flowers, shake and cut down trees by either axe or chain saw.  You can own businesses, shops and facilities that actually use the crops you grow to produce products and goods.

The Social Side of this Social Farming Game

You can move from a solitary game to a very social one by going to a marketplace and “hiring” people to come to your farms and work for you.  You can also hire yourself out to work for others, therefore increasing money and points.  You can acquire a large neighbor base and each day can begin by collecting gifts that have been sent to you and returning them; write messages; chat; work other farms’ facilities and/or post opportunities to work the facilities (stores, factories, shops and mills) on your farms for percentages of the take.

It is very time consuming to do a really good job utilizing all the game’s capabilities, but for shut-ins, the disabled, the retired community, and for people who just love games, it is a very rewarding and fun chunk of time out of their lives.

Reasons Farm Town wins out over Zynga’s Farmville:

  • The graphics are animated and more life-like.
  • You can own, work and manage multiple farms at one time (the limit is 13 at this time).
  • You have the options of working for others and hiring workers.

The only thing that Farmville does that Farm Town doesn’t is offer games and contests during the year, so if that is something that is important to you, you may prefer Farmville.

Below is a screen capture of one farm on Farm Town that will help illustrate a “cheat” that almost all advanced players use.  Someone discovered a while ago, that it is possible to “double plant” crops.  In this picture, entitled Doubletree Farms, you will see what looks like a farm of all trees, with a factory and couple rooftops showing on the right side, with some Buffalo roaming at the bottom.

The indicators on the top left show how much cash I have (over 815 million), how many farm dollars for special items (32) and how many gallons of gasoline I have to run my farm equipment. Since I have oil pumps on most farms and a petrochemical plant to produce gasoline, I have over a million gallons and not likely to run out like a lot of beginning players do.

Farm Town

In the next picture, I have “hidden” all the trees.  What you see are fields of raspberries that were hidden underneath the trees. The way to do this can be found easily on YouTube, by Farm Town experts. The Raspberries are ready for harvest. Without the trees, you can now see a furniture factory, a saw mill, a petrochemical plant and an oil factory also.

Farm Town

After the raspberries are harvested, the field looks like the next picture.

 Farm Town

To learn more about Farm Town and to sign up click here.