A handful of gamers who have tested Skyrim have graced us with screenshots of their custom designed characters. Below is a collection of those screenshots. It seems the more they reveal of Skyrim, the more excited I am to play it. The level of character customization has always been very high with the Elder Scroll franchise, and it sounds like that is something we can expect to continue in this latest iteration.

Skyrim Character Races Orc (GamePlanet.co.nz)

Skyrim Character Races Argonian

Skyrim Character Races Khajit (EuroGamer)

Skyrim Character Races Bosmer

Skyrim Character Races Nord

Skyrim Character Races Nord

Skyrim Character Races Woodelf

Skyrim Character Races Redguard

Comparing Character Models

A recent thread over at Reddit gave us this little gem below. A race by race comparison of the character models starting with Morrowind, through Oblivion and finally to Skyrim’s character models. The progression is stunning. I did not recall my Morrowind characters as being so incredibly low tech looking – a testament to the games story and a gamers imagination. Skyrim’s character models look unbelievable.

Comparing the Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowing character models

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