Playing online games gives you access to a whole world of people who might be fun to hang out with.

However, for every person you would enjoy playing a game against in person, there is at least one other person whom you would rather put down the controller and never play again than have to constantly deal with.

The following are some people who may or may not be fun, depending on your sense of humor.

The Quitter

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Some people just can’t take that they can lose as well as anybody else can. These people are losers of the purest varies because they will literally disconnect versus facing a loss. While you might not win every hand at the Luxury Casino or in your racing game of choice, you can still have a great record and learn from your mistakes.

The Child

Small children are always strange to play against. On the one hand, you know they should be in school and you can often exploit their lack of experience and relatively poor hand eye coordination. But on the other hand, these are typically the loudest, most hateful people and swear more than drunken sailors when the ship gets raided by pirates. They are good for a laugh, though.

The ADD Case

ADD cases are the type of multitaskers who are doing homework, eating a sandwich, watching a video on YouTube and trying to play the game effectively. Only when the pace of gameplay is unimaginably slow is this type of gamer not immediately evident.

If you get someone like this on your team, make the best of them. They make great human shields and can help to find where enemy snipers hide in the shadows. Note that this type of gamer does not necessarily have clinical attention deficit disorder, but it is hard to tell.

The DJ

The DJ may or may not be a hipster, but it is hard to tell based on their music collection. They are wont to share this music collection with everyone by blasting it through team chat. If you love a good background tune, this is your dealer. For the rest of us, we always have the mute button.

The Ruin-it Guy/Gal

Some people just love to ruin everything for everyone else. This is the kind of person who will do the craziest things you can imagine — and sometimes things you never would have thought of — while laughing maniacally. On a team, this person is responsible for more deadly losses than Leeroy Jenkins. At least he has chicken.

The Cheat

This is the kind of person who loves to find ways of exploiting game mechanics and finding glitches to either win artificially or upset people. Sometimes this person is a troll, sometimes this person is similar to the quitter in that they will either win or give up entirely. In any case, try to stay away from this person unless you want to join them outside the map.

There are many different types of gamers represented on any server. They’re either fun or annoying, depending on if you have a sense of humor.

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