The clever people down at Samsung have recently released a new range of smartphone devices that are perfect for mobile gamer. They have quickly climbed the leader board and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is leading the pack.

Online Gaming Galaxy S3

It’s now set to overtake the brilliant iPhone range, but just how good is the Samsung Galaxy S3 for gaming?

When you want to purchase a new smartphone the first thing to do is research the technology and find out what makes it tick.

Amazing screen for all games

The most striking thing about the Galaxy S3 is the screen; a 4.8-inch HD touch screen makes navigation easy. It’s also a brilliant platform for online casino games that challenge many other devices, as with this one you can be quick and precise.

An amazing batter for long gaming sessions

To power the amazing screen there is a big battery capable of running the phone for 10.8 hours, this makes those long gaming sessions worry-free. When using the new generation of smartphone casinos it’s important to stay connected to the internet; the Wi-Fi technology inside the Galaxy S3 is extremely impressive and it makes sure you stay connected during those important mobile casino games.

Lastly, a perfect platform to run every game!

It’s also important to remember the operating system – if you put all the best gaming technology in a phone that runs the wrong operating system it would be pointless; if you can’t find the game or it’s just not compatible, what’s the point.

Fortunately for the Galaxy G3, Samsung has used Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it’s brilliant! You can easily navigate through the menus, and the application store is massive – offering all the latest and greatest apps on the market, also for gaming.

In terms of gaming power the phone delivers, but it’s not just an amazing online games device – it is an amazing phone that is beautiful and well-designed.

If you want to take your online casino on the move this year then this is the device for you.