BioWare has announced the first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, expanding the SWTOR universe with a new planet, raising the character level limit, and delving deeper into the SWTOR story.

SWTOR - Rise of the Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel

Star Wars fans and SWTOR players are pretty familiar with the Hutts and the important role they play in the galactic conflict. Official a business alliance comprised of a number of Hutt Clans, the cartel is really more of a brutal crime syndicate than a legitimate business concern.

Always in the middle of the conflict, but never really on anyone’s side the cartel plays a high stakes game of shifting loyalty and temporary alliances.

This expansion pits players against the savage Hutt Cartel and all of it’s vast resources. Details on the exact nature of the cartel’s activities is still rather thin, but you can be sure they’re up to no good, and only you can stop them.

SWTOR - Hutt Cartel

Character Level increase

The expansion will raise the character level limit to 55 (up from 50) . That’s 5 new levels of scripted,  story-driven missions – a fact that, as huge fans of the game’s story, we didn’t overlook. Presumably the level increase means we’ll have new skills and talents as well, although no details are known at this time.

SWTOR - Makeb

New Planet: Makeb

The expansion takes us to Makeb, a dual-faction planet previously unknown in Star Wars lore. Not much is known about Makeb at this point apart from the fact that the Hutt Cartel has invaded and players are sent in to deal with it. How that plays out or exactly what role Republic or Empire players will play is still unknown.

SWTOR - Makeb

Pre-Order Rise of the Hutt Cartel

While the expansion isn’t due to launch for a few months yet, the eager can pre-order now.

Subscriber Price

  • get a 50% price break at $9.99
  • five days of Early Access

Regular Price

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