There’s more gaming choice than ever before on today’s smartphones and the range of downloadable gaming apps wherever you are just keeps growing.

Most of us appreciate the contemporary games that have been designed specifically for play on a mobile app but there are plenty of opportunities for a bit of retro gaming so that you can take a trip down memory lane and play some of those classic video games that you played as a kid.

One ‘retro’ game that has become really popular online and mobile is bingo. Bingo probably reached its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, when it was all the rage both here and in America. Now, though, it’s not uncommon for bingo halls to be facing closure or even demolition.

Bingo is instead enjoying another peak in popularity as millions of people play it both online and on their smartphones at sites such as Costa, Cheersbingo and 123 Bingo. There are plenty of different bingo sites offering similar games, and some of the jackpots that you can play to win reach into life-changing amounts of money. You don’t expect to win, but that’s the great thing about bingo – anyone can be a winner. It’s simply luck of the draw – or in the case of the mobile and online version – luck of the Random Number Generator system that is part of the gaming software. If you want to try it out, visit Costa Bingo on your mobile internet browser, and then simply click to download the mobile app to your phone. You can be playing your first game of bingo within a couple of minutes.

But if when you think of retro gaming you’re thinking more about games like Pong and Donkey Kong, never fear, because these are also available to play on a smartphone.

pac_manby  zigazou76 

Ms Pac-Man

Other great retro gaming apps include Ms Pac-Man, who followed the original Pac-Man game. Ms Pac-Man had different mazes and more difficult gameplay, which made it a superior version than the original Pac-Man, and you can now download the app onto your phone and re-live that arcade magic whenever you want.

Crazy Taxi

For anyone who was into Sega Dreamcast games, the Crazy Taxi app will take you back. Today’s app allows you to experience those wild drives again – up on the sidewalk, hitting the accelerator all the way. The mobile version features smooth controls, a fast-pace and a hectic soundtrack all the time you’re driving.

Secret of Monkey Island

The iOS Secret of Monkey Island app gives the best of old and new as you can play this classic game on your phone with the original graphics or with the re-drawn version that features a more contemporary style. It’s possible to switch between the two mid-game; what more could you wish for?

Atari Greatest Hits

For a retro app that has lots of games all in one, try the Atari Greatest Hits app. You can play games like Missile Command for free, and others are available as in-app purchases – for example, Pong and Centipede.

Whether you’re retro gaming for just the odd game or you want to re-visit all your old favourite games on your smartphone, you can find an app for pretty much all of them without having to search too hard.