A few hours ago the NRA held it’s first press conference since going dark after the recent, tragic Sandy Hook mass shooting. After taking time to review the situation and collect their wits – the NRA presented their measured and thought out response in the wake of the horrible tragedy. Their perspective..?

Scumbag NRA Meme - Push Video Gaming Under The Buss

Gun’s don’t kill people, movies and video games do.

While the press conference was delivered with a strait face, many of us suspect The National Rifle Association’s  executive vice president Wayne LaPierre is just pulling of the biggest and most tasteless troll of recent times. The logic, a word used loosely here, has been heavily criticized by all sides of the debate and doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect- whatever that might have been.

Scumbag NRA Video Game Meme - Don't blame guns for killing, blames video games

Politics in video gaming

We’ve been careful not to engage in the sensationalism other site’s have used to ‘leverage’ the recent tragedy for gain. We will continue to abstain from the debate as we’re not interested in influencing your politics – but as avid video gamers ourselves we feel compelled to respond in some degree to the NRA’s pronouncement.