This developer diary clip from the Shift 2, the latest installment in the epic Need For Speed franchise, shows off just how committed the developers are to infusing the game with a realistic driving experience. Not content to create an experience that was ‘believable’, EA is determined to provide a truly realistic racing experience. They called in the expertize and insane racing talents of FIA GT Champion of 2000, Jamie Campbell-Walter and drifting skills of 2010 Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. to help sculpt and perfect every aspect of the game – and the trailer seems to show it off nicely.

Newest Need For Speed focuses heavily on realism

The game is so detailed it’s sometimes hard to tell when the trailer switches between live action video stock and real in-game visuals. The small watermark indicating “actual in game footage” is sometimes the only indicator that the scene unfolding over the steering wheel isn’t real. I’m stoked to get a shot at this game!