Along with Blizzard’s reveal of  Warlords of Draenor, the 5th expansion to the epic World of Warcraft story, came a long awaited announcement sure to turn the heads of many long-time WoW fans – new character models are coming for all races/genders. These character models will retain the basic spirit of the original artwork, but provide a much higher resolution look at our beloved toons.

The new artwork has incredible looking skins with dynamic shading, and wonderfully rich textures. But it doesn’t stop there. Blizzard has completely rebuilt the character models from the ground up with some models gaining as much as much as 400% more polygons than the older models and 30% more structural & articulation elements per model.

new character skin detail

The original male gnome model for instance sported 956 polygons on a construct of 130 bones. The new gnome character model rocks over 5400 (5408) polygons and just shy of 200 (196) bones!

WoW's new gnome model detail

WoW’s New Tauren Character Model – one of my favorites so far

WoW's new tauren model

New Female Gnome Model – great expressions show some real personality

new dwarf model female detail

WoW’s New Female Dwarf Character Model – a SIGNIFICANT improvement in features

new dwarf model female

WoW’s New Male Gnome facial details, so much more expression & life

new gnome model detail facial-expressions

Over 40 images of WoW’s new character models