Now the initial excitement of the PS4 launch has settled down its time to take a look back and see what fever inspired rumours we got carried away with as soon as the PS4 was rumoured to be in production. Though it easily outsold the Xbox One within its first month, the specs are mostly the same with a few aesthetic details as well as the price and inclusions differing.

But while Microsoft fought off accusations of spy technology PS4 coasted along attempting to diffuse rumors of RAM, names and a few other things besides…


Giving it a Name

According to popular rumour the PS4 was going to be called Orbis, which would be odd as Sony have a habit of calling their consoles what they are; case in point PS1, PS2, PSP, etc. The fact that they may have called the PS4 ‘Orbis’ allowed gamers and journalists alike to let their minds run wild and come up with theories as to why, which leads us to…

The PS4 and the PS Vita

A few news sites linked the fact that the rumoured name of Orbis could be connected with that of the Vita, spawning the theory that the name had been chosen from the Latin Orbis Vitae, meaning ring of life. Fans put two and two together and came up with, well, a range of numbers, but suffice to say that Sony tried to squash the rumour as soon as they caught wind of it, reassuring fans that they wouldn’t be naming the system but not going into too much detail on how the Vita would link in to the PS4. News sites continued to discuss what relationship the Vita would have with the PSP, coming to the conclusion that it would act as a tablet, much like the Wii U’s console had.

No Sharing

A confusing rumor about how there would be no sharing of games between friends, second hand games would be full retail price and lots of other rules swept through the PlayStation community. While misinformation swirled around Sony took to the stage at E3 in 2013 and cleared up any misunderstandings about game sharing and swapping between friends with a few amusing videos, much to the chagrin of Microsoft who had to do a number of 180’s on their policies.

Virtual Reality

Though this may still be in the pipeline for some point in the future Sony seemed to want to release 3D glasses that would be able to give the player a sense of augmented reality. Their current problem, it seems, is that they are waiting for technology to catch up with design as lightweight glasses that can run the graphics real time is still a little way off in the future. But with technology like the Oculus Crystal Cove prototype we could be seeing this rumor come true.

Extreme User Interface

Sony had high hopes for their new controller, there was a dream for it to not only have the second screen but actually be able to give the system feedback on your current state of mind by reading body temperature, heart rate and facial expressions. It is certainly an interesting idea and is something that we may be seeing them release in the future, it would work incredible well with adventure or FPS type games if they can work out the mechanics of triggering monsters when they measure your heart rate increasing!

There is always a mishmash of misinformation, rumors and counter rumors whenever a new console or game is about to launch. With the Sony PS4 we can only hope that some of the tech rumours are actually things that will come to pass as virtual reality glasses would certainly take gaming to the next level!

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