Check out these hot picks from EpicaGames as our top ten most anticipated games of 2012. Some of these have been released now, and others are still pending release. In short 2012 appears to be another great year for sequels, prequels and more franchise titles with numbers in them.


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1 Final Fantasy 13-2

Since Square was not pleased with the reception of Final Fantasy 13; they decided to take another stab at it with Final Fantasy 13-2. Many believe that this is the game Final Fantasy 13 should have been. It brings back important feature (exploration, nonlinear character development) and keeps things that fan loved (the battle system). These changes hope to put Final Fantasy back on the top of great RPG franchises.

2 Kingdoms of Amalur

Reckoning: While many will confuse this game as another generic fantasy game, they could not ne more wrong. This game seeks to combine the strategy and customization of RPGs with the action from premier action titles like God of War and Ninja Gaiden. This game has all the ingredients to be become the next great fantasy series of our time.

3 Mass Effect 3

Excitement for this game has reached a fever pitch with its release date drawing closer. With a revamped battle system and a story with much more on the line, this entry promised to be the best in the series. Players of the second game must pick this up, as it is the end of Shepard’s story. This game also introduces co-op play into the game, allowing players to team up in a Horde-like mode.

4 Halo 4

Starting up a new trilogy, 343 Industries wants to continue the legacy that Bungie started with the series. This game begins after the end of Halo 3 with Master Chief waking up on his ship after an unspecified time. Instead of focusing on the normal first-person action of the first trilogy, there will be more exploration and discovery. Hopefully the change in direction does not stunt the further growth of this franchise.

5 Tomb Raider

Hoping to redefine Lara Croft for a new generation, Crystal Dynamic takes Lara back to before she was a famous raider. This games drops Lara in the wilderness after her ship crashes. Gameplay now revolves around survivability, with new systems like crafting, skill systems, and elemental puzzles. There will also be a new emphasis on exploration to find items around the island.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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6 Uncharted: Golden Abyss

The most anticipated game on the Playstation Vita, this game is going to be used to show that the Vita is capable of a console level experience. This game is a prequel to Nathan’s PS3 games.

Also, Golden Abyss brings the same story telling elements and gameplay from its PS3 brethren, with a few twists that involve alternate control schemes based on the Vita touch screen capabilities.

7 Xenoblade Chronicles

The game that spawned a literal rebellion against Nintendo of America is finally finding its way to American shores. Touted as the best JRPG of this generation, Xenoblade goes a long way to showing that JRPGs are still alive and well. By combining a huge world, many customization options, and a compelling battle system, this game takes all the usual traits of the standard JRPG and revives them for this generation of consoles.

8 Diablo 3

This is the next installment to the series that has sucked hours upon hours of time away from people. Diablo 3 wishes to redefine the hack and slash genre and they have introduced new classes to do so. The game will keep pulling players back with the addictive loot system. The game also has a new rune system that changes each skills nature.

Blizzard has also added an auction house that allows players to access rare equipment without having to spend hours searching for them. All of these additions will allow players to spend more time customizing characters and taking out enemies.

9 Prey 2

Now the first Prey was an above average shooter based around an alien invasion. The sequel has a much different approach. This game is basically a bounty hunter simulator. The player is given different missions and he can use a multitude of ways to accomplish his goals. This game revolves around choice and adaptation to ever changing situations.

10 Bioshock Infinite

Taking place in the air rather than underwater, Bioshock Infinite looks vastly different from the first Bioshock. However, the feel of the game is very similar. The game is a shooter, but it combines shooting with special powers that allow for players have different approaches to take down enemies. Also players will have access to their companion characters power that will give the certain advantages in battle.

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