Microsoft E3 Press Conference - games for Xbox One

A few weeks ago Microsoft revealed its next generation platform the Xbox One, but audiences were left wondering ‘what about the games?’ Today Microsoft shared a sneak peak at a number of games coming to their new console. Some familiar titles making the leap to the all-new platform, some brand new titles and some surprises. Let’s take a look.

Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V

The next installment in the Metal Gear Solid series opens up the world and the possibilities of stealth action. It gives the player more options to take out their enemies or to sneak around them. It also features the debut of the new voice for Big Boss, Kiefer Sutherland.

World of Tanks for Xbox One

World of Tanks

A title that has thrived on the PC is now being ported over to the Xbox 360. It will be a free-to-play title that focuses on multiplayer between tanks.

Dark Souls II (2) Xbox One

Dark Souls 2

The next entry into the Souls series, this title looks to have the same challenging gameplay from the former titles while making the title more accessible to the general audience.

Max: Curse of Brotherhood - Xbox One

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

This game is a platformer coming to the Xbox 360. The story revolves around an older brother going after his brother after wishing he would go away. It has a very PIXAR like quality to it.

Ryse: Son of Rome for Xbox One


Originally a Kinect-only title, Ryse has been reworked to use a controller. Focusing on a Roman general, this title has a very action-focused combat system that combines basic combat with situational time events to create a war-like feel to the game.

Killer Instinct Xbox One

Killer Instinct

The Rare-made fighting game is back and looking better than ever. The gameplay seems to be very fast and the character designs have been changed to resemble Street Fighter 4 characters.

Sunset Overdrive Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive

This title from Insomniac games is their first Xbox One exclusive title. Only a CG trailer was shown, but from the look of the trailer, the game will feature the same crazy weaponry of other Insomniac games as well as a focus on multiplayer.

Forza 5 Xbox One

Forza 5

Microsoft announced the new “Driveatar” system that will learn from your racing style and create an AI opponent based on that for others to compete against. It will also feature over 100 cars and add more robust customization options.

Minecraft logo


Minecraft, the smash indie success from Mojang, was announced for the Xbox One. There were not any new features announced, but if you haven’t played the game yet this could be a factor in your decision to buy an Xbox One.

Quantum Break Xbox One

Quantum Break

This game, from the makers of the Alan Wake series, is one of the most ambitious titles in the stable of Xbox One exclusives. Quantum Break combines a game and a television series that will change along with the game.

D4 Xbox One


This title is an episodic series from Swery65, the designer of the cult classic Deadly Premonition. This game will most likely have horror elements and contain Swery65’s trademark insane humor.

Project Spark for Xbox One

Project Spark

Taking a cue from the LittleBigPlanet series, Microsoft is developing a game where players can quickly make there own custom games using an easy to use game engine. Player can quickly create environment and objects, and assign AI to them to populate their world. They are then allowed to share them and have others play their creations.

Crimson Dragon Xbox One

Crimson Dragon

From the makers of the Panzer Dragoon series, Crimson Dragon takes the dragon-flying shooter and upgrades the graphics and the gameplay.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One

Dead Rising 3

Originally an Xbox exclusive, the Dead Rising series comes back exclusively for Xbox One. Introducing an ever-changing world, Nick Ramos will be able to craft weapons to take on the zombie hoard. He is also given more traversal abilities to use in order to escape from the zombies.

Witcher 3 Xbox One

Witcher 3

The critically acclaimed RPG series will now make its way to the Xbox One. Featuring tactical action combat and the continuation of Geralt’s story, CD Projekt RED hopes to give fans of the series another excellent entry to the series.

Battlefield 4 Xbox One

Battlefield 4

Featuring 60 frames per second and multiplayer boasting 64 players, Battlefield 4 had the content and the looks in its showing. Xbox One also has the first map pack as a time exclusive.

Below for Xbox One


The next title from Superbrothers, Below is a game that invokes an 8-bit graphical style. The trailer shows the player character exploring a dark area, most likely a cave or dungeon. It also has cooperative play so players can team up with friends.

Titanfall for Xbox One


The reveal of Respawn Studios first game showed a lot of gameplay. The basic concept revolves around “Pilots”, soldiers who pilot mechs on the battlefield. There is a stark contrast between the gameplay of the Pilots and the mechs, the former being much more maneuverable thanks to their jetpacks. Titanfall also hopes to give the whole game a multiplayer feel.

“AAA” title from Black Tusk Studios

Not much was shown about this game, but it did seem to have some type of covert operative slant to the game.

New Halo Title

Not much is known about this new Halo. The trailer shows Master Chief walking through a desert and then a giant, flying robot rises in front of him.

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