Mass Effect 2

In the year 2183, despite his valiant efforts, Commander Shepard is Killed In Action while attempting to save his ship’s helmsman Joker…or did he?

This is the surprising twist that awaits fans of the Mass Effect series as Mass Effect 2 begins a few weeks after the death of its main character Commander Shepard and goes on to explain the plot twist and the subsequent resurrection of Commander Shepard at the hands of the mysterious pro human group Cerberus. It appears as if the Cerberus foundation feels as if Commander Shepard is the perfect man to investigate an unsettling recent occurrence- the complete eradication of entire human colonies. Cerberus is under the impression that Commander Shepard’s old enemy, the Reapers, is responsible for the disappearance of the human colonies and has brought him back to life to get to the bottom of the matter and help protect the remaining human colonies.

The game offers a nearly complete overhaul of features while surprisingly being able to remain true to the story line and evoking the same great experience as the first installment. The AI of Mass Effect 2 has been greatly improved, allowing for more realistic interaction. The weaponry arsenal has been upgraded extensively with the most noticeable change being the incorporation of a Heavy Weapons class of arms as well as the utilization of actual ammunition as opposed to the previous overheat system.

The medi-gel has been swapped out in place of regenerating health and cinematic moving cameras have replaced the static positioning of Mass Effect 1.Furthermore, character development received much attention with Commander Shepard having ten times as many animations as previously and over 25,000 lines of character dialogue being featured among the various roughly 600 characters.

One of the most exciting features is the incorporation of previously saved game files from Mass Effect 1. Developers have made it possible to transfer over the game files from the first installment in order to continue on the story line dependent upon the actions a player made within the first game. For newcomers to the series, the back story is sufficiently relayed so that the player doesn’t feel lost amongst the many worlds of the game and few references will bewilder new gamers. Due to the extensive amount of detail and plethora of features of the game, it comes in two discs which need to be installed although only one disc is needed for game play. Multiple in game bonuses have been made available and a Collector’s Edition is also available.

In summation, with Mass Effect 2, BioWare and EA most definitely have created one of the greatest RPG’s in history as the stunning visuals, engaging story line, and meticulous attention to even the most minute details have culminated in a literal work of art. Mass Effect 2 is easily one of the most polished games ever developed and unless something unanticipated occurs, is surely a shoe in for Game of the Year. The game has over 30 perfect scores and enough praise cannot be given to justifiably quantify the masterpiece that is Mass Effect 2.