Mass Effect 2 Review

There are few games that have received almost universal praise throughout the gaming industry. It rarely happens that the gaming community, as a whole, looks at a game and says, “This game must be experienced.”


The story takes place after the first game, continuing your Shepard’s story. This is one of the coolest features in the game. Whatever choices you made in the first game have translated into this game. If you killed Wrex in the first game, he will not come back. If you sacrificed the Galactic Counsel, human members will have replaced them. However, anyway the game turns out, it is sure to be an amazing ride.

Players start the game in the midst of an attack by the Reapers; an attack that ultimately leads to the untimely demise of Commander Shepard. Not one to let something like deaths keep him out of the world-saving gig, the pro-human corporation Cerberus resurrects him so he can fight once more. The Illusive Man, Leader of Cerberus, has discovered that the Collectors, a species working in conjunction with the Reapers, have been abducting colonies of humans. He sends Shepard to recruit a team to investigate what is happening.

Now, while the plot may have a few clichéd points, the character interactions are what really make the story interesting and relatable. Shepard can converse with characters and find out about their past. They also have special missions that they can partake in to clear up issues from their past. Each character is unique and makes the stories somewhat clichéd elements into something unique as well.


The Mass Effect series implements a third-person cover-and-shoot system that is popular with many third person shooters. The controls are tight and responsive. The weapons make a definite impact when they are shot and there are a few different types of weapons that the player can choose form depending on their class.

However, herein lies the problem. Mass Effect is supposed to be an action-RPG. There is very little character customization in this game. All of the RPG like modifications from the first game is not here. While this is a major disappointment for the hardcore RPG gamers, the game functions very well even without most of the RPG elements.

There is really only one thing that will really frustrate players. That feature is the planet scanning system. Players have to scan planets for recourses to afford upgrades for weapons and their ship. The process is tedious and not entertaining in the least, yet it is still a mandatory part of the game if players really want to invest in the game.

With the exception of the planet scanning, the gameplay is surprisingly deep even without the RPG elements. Players can order their party members to different vantage points or make them use their special abilities on a certain enemy. Each firefight requires players to stay on their feet and use strategy to defeat their enemies. At the end of the day, the gameplay is a satisfying and enjoyable third-person shooter.


This game has really beautiful graphics and there are a whole lot of graphics to show. This game combines two styles of science fiction architecture. The used Galaxy look and the sleek, silvery look are both used in the world of Mass Effect.

They use these two types of styles to contrast the different worlds in universe. The pristine looking Citadel is radically different from the Krogan home world. This characterizes the inhabitants of the universe as well as being, as stated before, incredibly beautiful.


There is nothing really spectacular about the soundtrack. Nothing really stands out as really great. It is what you would expect from a space opera like adventure. While the music is exactly the greatest, it really fits the game well. It is just not a very memorable part of said game.

Replay Appeal

The major factor in the replay appeal is the story. Many decisions have major consequences and can change the course of this game and its sequel. Replaying this game allows the player see how the game would change if they made different decisions.

Another reason to replay this game is linked to the sequel. Since you have changed this game, Mass Effect 3 will be different. Also, there are different classes to play, which will change the gameplay experience of the game. These reasons should be sufficient enough for anyone to want to replay the game.

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