Happy Wheels has become a cult classic – a fascinating game played by tens of millions worldwide who love its graphic nature, challenges and their ability to contribute to the game’s success.

Happy Wheels Game

At its core, Happy Wheels is a ragdoll-physics-adventure game that has become one of the most popular games in the world. Famous for its dark humor, blood and gore abounds in this game. It features a challenging gameplay with unique characters in unconventional vehicles like wheelchairs, Segways, Santa’s sleigh and pogo sticks.

Let’s take a deeper look into this highly popular game!

How to PlayHappy Wheels In Game

You can play Happy Wheels on Silvergames.com. Once the game loads, click on “Play” and go through the many featured levels. This list includes the most popular levels created for the game, and they are each very different from one another. They range in difficulty, imagery, challenges, and even gameplay. This is in part because of the many options available in the level editor, which allow designers to run with their imagination in level creation.

Once a level is picked, you reach the character selection. Each character has its own individual strengths and weaknesses, ranging from the size of their vehicle to their movement. Pick the right character for the level – some are a better fit than others. Each character moves much like ragdolls and physics reigns in this game, so every move can be lethal.

Now comes the fun part… playing the game!

Happy Wheels is incredibly realistic with its gruesome damage – make a wrong turn or slam into an object and your character will be hurt. They can lose limbs, lose their children (some characters include little children), be decapitated or immediately die. There are no second chances – if your character loses its head, it’s over, just like in real life. Lose a leg and your character can still make it to the end goal, but it will bleed the whole way through.

Designing a Level

Happy Wheels Car

There are a whopping 6 million user-made levels in the game, which is one Happy Wheel’s ‘claim to fame’. They each compete against one another to make it into the “Featured Levels” list, so they are progressively becoming more intricate and creative. Players vote and rate levels and the more popular ones make it up the list.

To design a level, head to the main screen of the game and click on “Level Editor”. The editor has different tools to add shapes and different items like hazards, buildings, movable items, and even graphics like meteors. Imagination is the only limit here – you can use your own graphics and apply rules of conduct to them. You can even create levels that are impossible to beat or create mini-games like archery levels.

The Happy Wheels game offers many hours of fun, chockful of challenges and unavoidable gore!