As we all know a mouse is a pointing device, which helps the users to fully interact with their computer. But with the technology revolution, every year our gadgets become more powerful and the mouse is not an exception. Today we can buy a different mouse for a variety of purposes, but the most common one is a gaming mouse. Difference between the regular and the gaming mouse is additional features, which helps the gamers to fully interact with their PC and with some quick button mapping eliminate use of keyboard entirely.  This infographic will introduce to you the gaming mouse advantages in order to help new gamers choose their first true gaming mice.

To meet the evolving needs of gamers companies created 4 different types of gaming mice

  • MMO – (Massively Multiplayer Online)
  • FPS – (First Person Shooter)
  • RTS – (Real Time Strategy)
  • RPG – (Role Playing Game)

For example if you like playing World of Warcraft than you definitely have to choose the MMO mouse, because it has extra programmable buttons which is crucial in massively multiplayer games. Moreover with a MMO mouse you can create different macros and fully customize your gaming gear. To sum up, this infographic visually represents the advantages of the best gaming mouse. So next time you decide to buy a new mice, check out this infographic.