A decade ago, bingo was largely played on the high street. Although there are many such bingo halls around, online bingo has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

Just like a game of bingo which is played on a high street, there have been many huge wins in online bingo on sites such as http://www.meccabingo.com/games/.


Here are a couple of them:

£5.9 million

Won by John Orchard from Lincolnshire after betting 30p on the slot game ‘The Dark Knight’, this is one of the biggest in history. This game has a very similar ‘Wheel of Fortune’ design and has transformed John’s life. A Jobcentre worker, John had only started playing this game shortly before his huge win. He has already swapped his car for a luxury model.

£5.1 million

Unlike John Orchard, the winner of this huge payout preferred to stay anonymous. The lucky winner initially won £250 on a slot game. Turning their attention to another slot game and several spins later, they were richer by more than five million pounds. After winning their huge payout, he/she flew by private jet to meet the founder of the online gambling website that paid their winnings.

€6.3 million

Georgios M, who comes from Greece, was playing Mega Moolah with a €5 bet. There are many jackpots which someone can win on this slot game. Players can win a ‘mini’ jackpot with a smaller stake whereas the ‘mega’ jackpot is what Georgios M won. With five reels and up to twenty five pay lines, Mega Moolah is very popular because of how many opportunities there are to win vast sums of money. Although a direct statement hasn’t been released by Georgios M, he is understandably very happy with his winnings.

£2.6 million

After placing a 90p bet on an online slot game which had nine lines and five reels, a civil servant from Newcastle won £2.6 million. The website, Millionaires Club, aims to help players to become very rich. Since its inception a couple of years ago, this has happened many times.

£1.3 million

After she became bored when her partner was watching a game of football on television, Lisa Potter played a game of online bingo. She hadn’t played a lot of online bingo before and was hardly an expert. After placing a £5 bet due to how large the jackpot was, Lucy was astounded when she won it. She plans to take all of her family on holiday.

There are many other stories of players winning vast sums of money online. Some have won hundreds of thousands of pounds whereas other players have been awarded a payout of nearly a million pounds after placing a small bet. A modest win can also happen which is still more than what someone has won before. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities to win thanks to online gaming.

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