Diablo III Auction House

After years of battling gold farmers, paid leveling services and other 3rd party black markets Blizzard shocked the industry by introducing an auction marketplace for Diablo III that allows purchases to be completed using both in-game and real life currency.

The latest Diablo III announcement from Blizzard includes the much talked-about auction house. The auction house in Diablo III, as in WoW and most other MMORPGs these days, is a centrally located ‘trading post’ where players can buy and sell in-game items in exchange for in-game currency. Adventurers can post items they receive as rewards for defeating enemies, and buy items that others have posted.

Diablo III’s auction house is unique in that items can not only be purchased using in-game currency, but for the first time in a Blizzard developed game environment, players can choose to purchase in-game items using real world currency.

Diablo III Auction House Details

Blizzards auction house system is a safe, fun and simple way to trade in-game gear.

An easier way to trade

Diablo III Auction House DetailsFinding the gear you want is easy. Kill lots of baddies, collect random gear, sort through the gear and pick out the useful stuff. The auction house makes it even easier, and more efficient.

Kill lots of baddies, collect random gear, use what you can then put everything you don’t need in the auction house, buy anything you’re still missing from the auction house, go kill more baddies.

Don’t Need it? Put it up for Auction!

Diablo III Auctioning Unusable ItemsPreviously, in Diablo II if you found an item unusable by your class the best you could do was vendor it (sell it to an in-game vendor).

With the Diablo III auction house you can save any items not usable by your character and auction them off to other players for fun and profit. Let the farming begin!

Amazing Search Functionality

Diabetes III Auction House SearchFinding the right item is super simple with the built in search functionality. Order items by item category, classes, preferred stats and more.

You can also search for items for any of your characters no matter which you’re logged in with. So equipping all of your characters should be a breeze.

The Choice is Yours

Diablo III In-Game or Real CurrencyAs you might expect you can purchase auction items using in game gold, but you can also make your in-game item purchases using real world currency.

Too busy to farm for the gold & gear you want? Charge it baby! And think of all the moolah you’ll make off all that off-class gear you can sell off.

Players Only

Diablo III - Players OnlyBlizzard assures us that the auction house items will only be player posted items.

So, for now at least, there won’t be any items posted to the auction house by Blizzard. Sad news for anyone hoping to plop down $10k for the Sword of a Thousand Truths.

Safe & Secure

Diablo III Auction House is SecureProtect yourself from scams and theft by using the Blizzard-sanctioned auction house. Blizzard states that all in-game transactions are guaranteed safe & secure.

Shop with confidence that your purchases are secure and safe from hackers, thieves and such.

 Diablo III Auction House Images & Screenshots