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As of late, flexibility has become the go-to description for developers describing their games. Games want to give you choices on how to play the game. In fact, they want to implement RPG elements into different types of genres just to give the players the feeling that they are developing their own characters. One of the early adopters of this strategy was the Deus Ex series.

As a first-person action game it adopted a dynamic story system, with many different endings, and a cybernetic system, which allows players to upgrade their character with stats and abilities. Square Enix and Eidos hope to achieve the same success that the Deus Ex series has achieved over the years with this new title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Story of the Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution stars Adam Jensen, a former police officer and now a security expert at Sarif Industries. Sarif Industries is a company that is one of the pioneers in the mechanical cybernetics market. However, due to increased competition in the cybernetic market, Jensen has been hired to protect Sarif’s scientists. After an attack on Sarif Industry by a special ops force, Jensen is critically injured and must be outfitted with his own implants. Now, it is up to Jensen to discover who sent the people that attacked Sarif, what they wanted, and how deep this conspiracy goes.


The gameplay from Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes a lot of cues from the previous entries in the series. However, the gameplay is faster and more action-oriented then the first two games. The developers have stated that the game relies on 5 “pillars of gameplay”: Combat, Stealth, Technology, Exploration, and Social.

All of these pillars can be enhanced by different augmentations. Augmentations are divided into Cranium, Torso, Arm, Eye, Back, Skin, and Leg. These augmentations can be unlocked and upgraded with the use of Praxis Points which can be obtained from Praxis kits, clinics, or leveling up.

5 Pillars of Gameplay


Since this game is more action oriented, gunplay is now based on the player’s skill instead of the character’s stats. Another change is the use of the regenerating health model. This allows the run-and-gun strategy to be a more viable option.

Another addition to the gameplay is that every enemy squad has a leader and dispatching that leader will lead to other soldiers becoming disorganized and less effective. There will also be instant kill takedown moves that Jensen can execute.


One of the major changes to the stealth system is that the shadows aren’t the player’s best friend anymore. Now players will have to be in cover to avoid detection. Proper use of cover and cloaking will allow players to get by enemies unnoticed and without violence.


The basis of technology is hacking. Hacking is puzzle minigame in which players hack different nodes in an effort to get to the final node and unlock the system. Hacking more nodes can result in obtaining more information, but the player also runs the risk of being discovered and locked out of the system. Failing to hack a system can also result in alarms that will guide enemies to your position. Players can improve their chances of hacking by using augmentations. There are also auto-hacking tools in the game.


There are many different ways to go through levels in this game. This pillar of gameplay encourages players to find their own path throughout the game. The augmentations will be able to help players find different paths. For example, the Icarus Landing System can allow players to quickly descend from great highs. Another power that can open up different paths is the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis, which allows Jensen to break down walls.


Conversations take place in a different way than the first two games. Instead of picking a dialogue choice, you pick a certain attitude that you want Jensen to take. This is similar to the dialogue in games like Alpha Protocol and Dragon Age 2. Augmentations in this pillar revolve around reading a person’s personality and the use of pheromones to allow players to have an edge while picking their conversation options.

 Release, Augmented Editions & Preorders

This game is looking to totally reinvent and reinvigorate the Deus Ex series. This game is looking to be one of the best games of this year, but we have to wait for it to come out.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will release on August 23, 2011. There is also the Augmented Editions which will include a 40-page art book, a “Making of” DVD and a motion graphic novel.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is also offering special in-game items when you preorder the game from specific retailers. When you preorder from GameStop, you receive the Linebacker G-87 grenade launcher, the utility remote-detonated explosive device (UR-DED), an automatic unlocking device, and a special mission. When you preorder from anywhere else you get the Huntsman double-barreled shotgun, and the Longsword sniper rifle.

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