In the sea of first-person shooters trying to compete with the Call of Duty franchise, it is very difficult for even established IPs to break out from under the shadow of this juggernaut. However, Crysis 2 definitely has the necessary skills to distinguish itself from the crowd.

System requirements a hurdle to adoption

Many have not experienced the Crysis series because of the massive system requirements for the first game. That being said, based on the graphics, it is easy to see that this series would take a massive amount of power to run. This is a gorgeous game. The character models, backgrounds, weapons; everything is lush and detailed. Having such beautiful graphics helps make the action and combat a definite high point.

Let’s talk game play

In this game, your character is given an armored suit that allows him to access different abilities. These abilities adds a surprising amounts of variety to the usual run and gun game play of most first-person shooters.

One situation could call for the suits enhanced armor to power through a situation while another could need the suits stealth ability to sneak around the enemy for a better vantage point. Also, the inclusion of the visor setting allows players to scan the battlefield and be directed to areas that will help with their chosen strategy. This, combined with upgradable abilities for the suit, let players choose how they want to play the game.

While all of these aspect combine to make an exceptional game, there are a few moments where the game isn’t running at its full potential. As beautiful as the graphics are, there are times where it takes a while for all the textures to load onto the screen.

Another problem is the AI of your enemies. Though not a frequent occurrence, eventually you will see an enemy blindly running into a wall or into another enemy.

Crysis 2 game play videos

Let’s take a look at Crysis 2 in action…

The Crisis 2 Story

The story is also standard sci-fi/first-person shooter fare. Aliens come to Earth; you have to kill them. It is as simple as that. The second major part of this game lies in its multiplayer. Through this component, people from around the world battle in various match types and gain experience through them.

The experience points goes toward their overall level and also their suit skills depending on which ones were used during the match. As your overall level grows you gain tokens to unlock weapons and equipment. As the suits’ levels rise, the suit unlocks new abilities to further customize your character.

Complaints & Shortcomings

The one gripe I have with the Crysis 2 multiplayer is the rather limited armory available for the characters. There are only a few types of weapons and this is a limitation in the customization options for the player. However, the multiplayer is very robust and allows for entertainment even after the single player is complete.

This game succeeds on so many levels that the minor annoyances should not keep anyone from enjoying this game. However, these flaws seem to stick out more in this game than a game with less polish. Overall, this game is a great experience for fans of first-person shooters, fans of customization, or even those who are more tactically minded.

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