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Six Types of Online Gamers

However, for every person you would enjoy playing a game against in person, there is at least one other person whom you would rather put down the controller and never play again than have to constantly deal with.


NRA – Gun’s Don’t Kill People, Movies & Video Games Do. Say what now?

NRA held it’s first press conference since going dark since tragic Sandy Hook shooting. The summary – guns don’t kill people, movies and video games do. Say what now?

Nintendo Wii U

Innovation or Self Obsoletion? Is Nintendo Too Early to the 8th Gen Console Battle?

Nintendo recently unveiled the Wii U it’s latest console offering. The first to announce an 8th generation console, Nintendo hopes their first-to-market strategy will gain them an advantage in the console wars.

Live Action Portal Movie

Live Action Portal Movie is a MUST-SEE

Whether or not you’re a fan of Valve’s breakout single player puzzle-platformer you’ll really dig this short Portal-based movie. This short 7 minute flick features some incredible special effects and a great actress. Check it out!

Retired Sega Mascots

Three Great Discarded SEGA Mascots

As soon as video games reached even the most basic level of competency, game makers realized that they needed faces to sell their products. Enter the gaming mascots.

Diablo III Auction House

The Real Financial Impact of the Diablo III Auction House

Blizzard’s revenue model have been shifting recently in bold and unexpected ways. A few weeks ago Blizzard unveiled infinitely free-to-play trial accounts and now it’s an auction house where you can use real world currency.

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