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Garrison - WoW Player Housing

Garrison Building: World of Warcraft’s Approach to Player Housing

For years now World of Warcraft players have speculated about when, if ever, we might see player housing come to Azeroth. With each new expansion expectations rose and were dashed as the feature failed to make an appearance. With Warlords of Draenor, the latest WoW expansion, Blizzard is finally ready to debut player housing. Player housing […]

WoW's new tauren model

New World of Warcraft Character Models [40+ IMAGES]

Along with Blizzard’s reveal of  Warlords of Draenor, the 5th expansion to the epic World of Warcraft story, came a long awaited announcement sure to turn the heads of many long-time WoW fans – new character models are coming for all races/genders. These character models will retain the basic spirit of the original artwork, but […]

Nvidia Project Shield front

Nvidia Shield Handheld Gaming Device Announced

And just like that Nvidia is getting into the mobile gaming device arena. Announced just a few moments ago at CES, Nvidia’s Project Shield is a complete, dedicated handheld/portable game system – like Nintendo’s DS, or PlayStation’s Vita.

SWTOR - Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Rise of the Hutt Cartel – Star Wars: The Old Republic First Expansion Coming Spring 2013

BioWare has announced the first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, expanding the SWTOR universe with a new planet, raising the character level limit, and delving deeper into the SWTOR story.


Nintendo Press Conference Wrap-Up | E3 2012 Coverage

The much anticipated Nintendo press conference certainly did not disappoint. Lots of Wii U information and some great new interesting titles announced. Unsurprisingly Nintendo is banking on the popularity of it’s heavily established Mario franchises with lots of new ‘Mario’ oriented titles.


Sony Press Conference Wrap-Up | E3 2012 Coverage

As we’d hoped, the Sony press conference was tremendous with a wide range of exciting announcements including a number of great new games. The new game lineup includes some pretty exciting titles.


Ubisoft Press Conference Wrap-Up | E3 2012 Coverage

The Ubisoft press conference brought a mix of franchise extensions like the latest installment of fan favorite Assassin’s Creed, and new stand alone titles like ZombiU and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft continues its strategy of targeting a wide demographic of gamers with a little something for every gamer out there.


EA Press Conference Wrap-Up | E3 2012 Coverage

The Electronic Arts press conference, much as predicted, was just ‘more of the same’. However, with a ton of gamer’s favorite series in their roster, there’s still a lot to like. New franchise games include a couple of EA Sports title updates sports fanatic gamers, a few shooters, and a new Need for Speed among others.


Microsoft Press Conference Wrap-Up | E3 2012 Coverage

There was a lot of buzz leading up to the Microsoft press conference with hopes of some significant news from the Microsoft camp and they did not disappoint. In addition to the exciting changes to the Xbox interface they’ve revealed a whole slew of game related announcements.

Diablo III Preview

Diablo III Preview (Diablo 3)

The Diablo franchise took the tried & true hack-and-slash formula, combined it with an addictive loot-driven reward system and the rest is history. Glorious bloody history. This week we finally get our hands on the much anticipated 3rd release – here’s one last look at what we’ll be playing.

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