Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Rewards & Bonuses

In June we talked about rumored Battlefield 3 pre-order reward bonuses for various retailers. Today Joystiq and several other prominent gaming news sources are reporting some additional details.

All pre-orders are Limited Edition

The limited edition versions will all include free access to the first DLC when it launches. See our recent post – Battlefield 3 Expansion: Back to Karkand – for more details on that expansion.

EA’s Origin store Pre-Order Rewards (no news)

  • Limited Edition (see above)
  • Unlock Battlefield 3 Edition 870 Combat Shotgun & Beret Pre-Order Rewards

  • Limited Edition (see above)
  • Pack of exclusive multiplayer dog tags   [UPDATE]

BestBuy Pre-Order Rewards

  • Limited Edition (see above)   [UPDATE]
  • Pack of exclusive multiplayer dog tags    [UPDATE]

GameStop Pre-Order Rewards

  • Limited Edition (see above)
  • hysical Warfare Pack (see below)   [UPDATE]
  • Week 1 XP bonus in multiplayer (unconfirmed)
  • PowerUp Rewards members get an extra bonus – the Prima Battlefield 3 strategy guide   [UPDATE]

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack

The Physical Warfare Pack

  • Type 88 LMG (light machine gun)
  • Day-one access to the DAO-12 semi-auto shotgun
  • Armor-piercing Flechette rounds for the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun
  • SKS sniper rifle flash suppressor weapon mod

As a reminder – this DLC will be free to everyone, but will be available early to those who pre-order (per DICE General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson)