Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Expansion

The first Battlefield 3 DLC expansion pack, “Back to Karkand”, will arrive shortly after the launch of Battlefield 3 in October of this year.  As a bonus to early adopters the expansion will be free to everyone who pre-ordered. The Back to Karkand expansion includes…

  • Access to unique throwback vehicles & weapons popular in Battlefield 2
  • 4 legendary Battlefield 2 maps, re-invented with all new visuals
    • Strike at Karkand
    • Wake Island
    • Gulf of Oman
    • Sharqi Peninsula

Die hard Battlefield 2 fans will recognize these insanely popular maps – together these four maps have seen over 25,000 YEARS of online play time. Where do you guys find the time..? heh.

Back to Karkand Expansion MapsThe original Karkand level design for Battlefield

So what made these maps so popular? Developers state that they paid special attention to balance on these maps in particular, leaving either side with little advantage over the other, making for more even and fair gameplay.

We’ve also heard from players that these maps are particularly fun because of the many creative options the layouts allow, ambushing, cross-firing, blitzing (zerging for you StarCrafters) – you name it, these maps allow for some pretty creative gameplay options. and to the fact that these maps in particular allow for more creative strategy options.

Whatever your reason for loving these incredibly popular maps, chances are you’re going to love them even more with completely re-designed graphics, textures, and destructible models. The videos and images from these maps look INSANE, personally I can’t wait to play them.

Expansion Media: Images & Videos

There are some great pics and videos I’ll post up if anyone’s interested. This game is looking INCREDIBLE.