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One of my favourite games of last year had to have been Batman Arkham Asylum so naturally I can’t wait for Batman Arkham City. If you are not familiar with the first one you basically played through Arkham Asylum fighting not only lunatics but Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Bane, encounters with Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and of course, Joker.

With innovative gameplay, cool challenges and a deep storyline the first game was nothing short of amazing and Batman Arkham City is lining up to be exactly the same. The character reveals so far have some stunning videos and include Two Face, the Riddler and a very cockney Oswald Chesterfile Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin.

Not only that but there are going to be playable characters other than Batman that include Catwoman and if you pre order from Best Buy you will also get Robin. However the game isn’t due out until October this year so keep your ear to the ground for more offers including special editions.

Batman Arkham City tells the tale of a newly appointed Mayor, Quincy Sharp, who was the governor of Arkham Asylum, decides that it’s time to bring Arkham Asylum to an end use Gotham City as the constraint for all the lunatics, and criminals. Walls are built around the city and it is renamed as Arkham City.

Quincy has decided to appoint somebody that could cause major problems for Batman to run his new prison and that is Dr. Hugo Strange. The reason this is a problem is because the doctor knows the link between Bruce Wayne and Batman (hopefully there’s no spoiler in that for you).

Interestingly all this is going to be made into a comic book series as well. They are written by Paul Dini and the artwork is coming from Carlos D’anda. Carlos drew the concept art for Arkham City and Paul penned the stories for both Batman Arkham Asylum and City so this level of continuity can only add more depth to events that will be unveiled in the new game.

So far Batman Arkham City is shaping up to surpass the first game and in all honesty I hope it does. As I said I couldn’t get enough of the first game and have extremely high hopes for the follow up.

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