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Jordan Hill is just a guy who loves gaming. He is an ASU student studying computer science. He is a huge RPG fan and hopes to one day make it in the industry. Follow him on the Twitters at

Watch Dogs - Ubisoft

Ubisoft Press Conference Game Spotlight | E3 2013

While Ubisoft won’t be making any Wii U exclusives for a while, here are a few of the titles announced this week at E3.

Project Spark for Xbox One

Microsoft Press Conference Game Spotlight | E3 2013

Weeks ago Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, but audiences were left wondering ‘what about the games?’ Now we’ve had a peak at a wide range of games coming to their new console.


e3 2013 Rumors

E3 2013 is right around the corner, but there’s still time to catch up on all of the gaming rumors and join us in rampant speculation.

Diablo III Preview

Diablo III Preview (Diablo 3)

The Diablo franchise took the tried & true hack-and-slash formula, combined it with an addictive loot-driven reward system and the rest is history. Glorious bloody history. This week we finally get our hands on the much anticipated 3rd release – here’s one last look at what we’ll be playing.


Indie Showcase: FTL (Faster Than Light)

Indie games have become a very important part of gamer culture and its advancement. Just like indie movies, indie games are developed with a much smaller budget and usually without the backing of a big proven company.

PS Vita

PlayStation Vita Early Impressions

We picked up the new Playstation Vita when it launched in North America and wanted to share a few of our early impressions with you guys. Sony’s Playstation Vita allows handheld gamers the chance to play console-quality games on the go – and so much more.


Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Check out these hot picks from EpicaGames as our top ten most anticipated games of 2012. In short 2012 appears to be another great year for sequels, prequels and more franchise titles with numbers in them.

Gamer Christmas 2012

Gamer Christmas | 2011 Video Game Gift Guide

Got a gamer on your Christmas shopping list? Not sure what to buy? Epica Games has you covered! Jordan has some holiday game buying recommendations that are sure to be a hit!

Modern Warfare 3 Preview (MW3)

Modern Warfare 3 Preview

We take a look at the much anticipated 3rd installment of the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty games. Going head to head against the Battlefield 3 release we take a quick look at MW3’s story & game play to see how it’ll measure up.

Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 Review Second Look

There are few games that have received almost universal praise throughout the gaming industry. It rarely happens that the gaming community, as a whole, looks at a game and says, “This game must be experienced.”

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