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Happy Wheels Game

Happy Wheels Becomes one of the Most Popular Online Games

  Happy Wheels has become a cult classic – a fascinating game played by tens of millions worldwide who love its graphic nature, challenges and their ability to contribute to the game’s success. At its core, Happy Wheels is a ragdoll-physics-adventure game that has become one of the most popular games in the world. Famous […]


10 Great Video Games for Adults and Older Demographics

Those of us who have reached advanced adulthood probably remember when video games first started appearing in family living rooms.  Whether it was the analog black and white Pong with the dials, the seemingly advanced Atari game system, or the later Nintendo, many of our childhoods were spent in front of cathode ray tube televisions […]


How to Stay Safe When Gaming Online

Yet there are a few disadvantages to your security that all of this technology and interconnectivity bring.


5 Modern Games that are for Gamers Unafraid of a Challenge

While we understand that not everyone wants to dedicate every second of their free time to mastering a new game, here are some modern titles with a learning curve steep enough to challenge even the most skillful of gamers.


Gaming Mouse Advantages [infographic]

This infographic visually represents the advantages of the best gaming mouse. So next time you decide to buy a new mice, check out this infographic.


Top 10 Gaming Mice Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are interested in mouse history, do not miss the chance to read this infographic and find out stories you might never have heard of.


Retro games you can play on a mobile

Most of us appreciate the contemporary games that have been designed specifically for play on a mobile app but there are plenty of opportunities for a bit of retro gaming so that you can take a trip down memory lane and play some of those classic video games that you played as a kid.


Mobile Gaming and the Best Devices for Playing Online

Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks and PDAs are some of the various devices through which people can engage into game-play as and when the fancy strikes them.


Video Game Characters made into Online Slots

Until recently, video games have remained one of the most popular types of games played by many though evolution has seen them transported to PSP, PS3, Xbox and now PS4.


Myths That We Believed About the Ps4

But while Microsoft fought off accusations of spy technology PS4 coasted along attempting to diffuse rumors of RAM, names and a few other things besides…

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