Angrybirds Skips Facebook, Chooses Google+ First

You Mad Bro - Zuckerberg as an AngrybirdDespite earlier plans to bring the mobile gaming phenomenon Angrybirds to the Facebook platform, the games developer ROVIO has opted to skip Facebook for now, launching on Google+ games instead.

While the virtues of Google’s latest delve into the social networking scene are debatable, its clear that Google+ has made an impression on some.

“Angry Birds for Google+ Games is a great start,” Rovio CEO Mikael Hed added. “But it’s just our first step in social gaming. ”


He went on to say “As our fans know, we constantly look for ways to update and innovate our products. We want to delight our users by going way beyond what they were expecting. Social gaming is going to be massive, and we’re very excited about what we have coming up next.”

Plans to launch on Facebook have been delayed but not canceled, so have no fear loyal Facebook lovers, you’ll be flinging fat little red birds across your screen sooner or later.

Angrybirds Bird