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Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Rewards

Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Bonuses and Benefits

Every so often, a new game emerges and blows my mind so fully that I just can’t help but jump on the pre-order band wagon. Battlefield 3 is one of those games. Find out who is giving the best pre-order bonuses.


Battlefield 3 Expansion: Back to Karkand

The first Battlefield 3 DLC expansion pack, “Back to Karkand”, will arrive shortly after the launch of Battlefield 3 in October of this year. The expansion will include access to throwback weapons & vehicles from Battlefield 2 and 4 legendary maps.

PS Vita

PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) – Sony’s next crack at the portable market

Introducing the PS Vita, Sony’s latest console for the mobile gaming marketplace – packed with motion sensors, front touch screen, rear touch pad, front & rear facing cameras and a enough bells & whistles to keep gamers and tech heads drooling.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U – New Console with Touchscreen Controller

Introducing the Nintendo Wii U – Nintendo’s much anticipated addition to the console wars, unveiled today at the E3 conference.Join us as we take a look at the features, controller, graphics and games for the new innovative console from Nintendo.


Battlefield 3 Pre E3 Preview

Is the Battlefield franchise ready to snatch the military shooter crown away from Call of Duty? It’s still too early for a definitive answer, but this preview gives us a few things to think about – the new Battlefield 3 is looking – amazing!

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